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Lagos bad Girl Modupe And Her Friends intentionally Posts 7 N*ked Photos

It sadden me to see that our youth that are suppose the repair this corrupt leaders we currently have now, is even worst than what we have at hand,how can a student just wake up one morning and decide to share her n*ked photos on social media for the world to see? to make it more worst she boldly and proudly don’t even hide her identity   A student of university of lagos called Modupe and her close friend from same school share their s*x and n*ked photos online. hard to believe all these immorality is happening in Nigeria……..


Phone Repairer Leaks Secret Photos Of His Customer Over Refusal To Pay N3000

The young lady above had some problems with her blackberry phone and needed to be fixed so she took it to a phone repairer forgetting she has secret pictures of her and her boyfriend in action in the phone. The so called phone engineer called the girl to come and pick up her phone that he is through with it. He then said the cost for the repair is 3,000naira but the young lady refused to pay him the amount but instead gave him 1k after serious argument and left not knowing that the guy has copied all her secrets photos from her phone. As pay back, the phone repairer leaks the girl’s n.ude pictures to friends who then leak them online. see the 5 photos  below