Pop star Jessie J undergoes secret surgery

Jessi J

Jessi J has announced she underwent a secret surgery in June but also told her 3.1 million followers via an Instagram video, Tuesday June 23 that she is now on the road to recovery.

The pop star who has a heart condition called Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome assured her fans that her hospitalization had nothing to do with the ailment neither her voice.

She captioned her video: “On fleek to on bleek real quick. I’m going to be offline for a few days and I wanted to show you why. I don’t often share personal stuff (especially about my health) anymore. I just get on with it secretly but I wanted to share with you before someone else might and it gets twisted and exaggerated into something different or worse.”
“Just know I am ok as I say in the video on the right. I had an operation yesterday so need to rest. I won’t be saying what for so PLEASE don’t keep asking me or harassing my close ones on here or anywhere for information. It’s personal and I know you can respect that.” Jessi J undergoes private surgery
“I just wanted to explain to my fans why I may go AWOL for a minute,” she continued. “Love, prayers and well wishes is all I need. Sleep, rest, maybe some pie and mash but mostly focusing my mind on getting my body better. And for the record it’s not my heart or my voice. My heart and voice are FINE.”

She added, “I want to take a moment to send a virtual hug and kiss out to anyone in pain or suffering at the moment. In hospital or at home. There is always someone worse off than us and in moments like this I pray for you all. Hospitals have been my secret second home my whole life and they never get nice to be in. But they can inspire a great song. Trying to see the positive in everything.”

Photos: Terry G poses with a Ferrari

Apako master Terry G has shared pictures of him beside a white Ferrari today.

The set of pictures have got people raving that the Ginjah master has bought a new sports car. Even top rapper Olamide has gone on to congratulate Terry G on his reportedly new ride.

But is Terry G the owner of the Ferrari? His captions do not indicate he just bought the car though. “Greatness….The impossible definitely turning posible..u dig? I don’t think so, wait for confirmation. ..reality. …#totori #pavingway“, and “D more u look d less you see….#totorimaster” read both captions.

Going through Terry G’s Instagram, the singer posed in front of the car with a man identified as Big Suni. This picture was shared on June 17, 2015.

Terry Ginjah attended the birthday bash of Big Suni in Abuja yesterday.

Photos: Solid Star Shows Off Wads Of Dollars

solid star-NL

The singer showed off the wads of Dollars few minutes ago on his instagram page while telling his fans that he just made a compilation of his hit songs and would be giving out for free to all provided they text a certain number to a particular network.

What is the meaning of the money he showed off?

Are they fake?

Please do the calculation to understand what I am saying….

Bomb!! Get Glo 1GB For ₦100 – Everything You Need To Know About It


What we’re about to show you today will shock you, Its How you can get 1GB for just ₦100. Interesting abi? Kontinu in (Patience Jonathan’s voice) :)

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Step3: Wait for some time and you should get a success message like this “Dear Customer, your 1 GB data bundle has been successfully activated or any amount of data given to you.

Step4: confirm your data by dialing #122*22#.

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