WTF!!! Chorister Perform Half Naked in an American Church

A man has called out the Pastor of Riverside Church in New York for allowing a singer perform in his church half- naked. The man who took to his facebook page to address the situation condemned the pastor and his assistants for allowing such,
stating it was distasteful.
His words;
“It Is Shameful & Very Appalling That The
NEWYORK,Allowed Singer
‘ONLY1HARMONY’,To Sing In Their Church HALF-NAKED..As a matter of fact, I don’t call this PRAISE & WORSHIP, rather i’ll call it PERVERTED PRAISE & WHORE-SHIP..

They are just rubbishing the CHRISTENDOM..If the SENIOR PASTOR does not see anything wrong In This, what about the ASSOCIATE
PASTORS, DEACONS, DEACONESSES, MOTHERS & FATHERS Of The Church, when this shameless lady stepped on the church podium to Sing?…Do they want to turn the church into A RED-LIGHT

Hmm! Its really END-TIME, when all kinds of people will claim to come in GOD’s name but in real sense,with Ulterior Motives..
Just too bad,i must say..SMH!

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