GISTS: Lol Soldiers Order Wizkid To Frog Jump In Lagos

Its a recent trend for fashion lovers and celebrities to take risks while trying to be fashionable and wearing of Army camouflage uniforms hasn’t been left out of the fashion risk-taking.

As a matter of fact,80% of Nigerian male artists have at one time or the other been seen wearing Camo in their videos or in public.

Like they say,everyday for the thief one day for the owner. This is the case as Wizkid,one of Nigeria’s foremost artist,was publicly embarrassed in the street of Surulere by men of the Nigerian Army.

Its popular known that Wizkid fancies hanging out in Shitta his childhood street in surulere and he has as a matter of fact,contributed to the popularity of this street but his fame in the street,couldn’t stop soldiers from stripping wizkid of his Camo short and telling him to do frogjump as he disappears.

According to onlookers,Wizkid was stopped and questioned,of which he initially tried talking his way through but after one of the soldiers stamped his palm ferociously on wizkid’s face,it became a situation of weeping & pleading,Meanwhile,Wizkid’s entourage had run for their lives,knowing of the recent violence caused by Soldiers in the city of Lagos.

“The soldiers tell Wizkid make him comot the camo and tell am make him do frogjump run comot” said an onlooker.