Skales finally reveals the real reason he left EME + See what he said about Wizkid

Over time, you and Wizkid were close friends. Then when Wizkid had issues with EME, we learnt it affected your friendship. Is that true?

No, it did not affect our relationship. We are still close. We talk and still see each other often. As a matter of fact, last weekend, we were together at a beach in Lagos. We still see each other. It is just that now everybody is busy but whenever we need each other; we are always there for each other.
Your success level is often compared with Wizkid’s by fans. Does that get to you?
To be honest, I am human and the truth is that it gets to me when I am compared with Wizkid. I have come to live with the fact that I can’t help it that they must always compare me with Wizkid. We were in the same label, we started about the same time so they must always compare. It is something I cannot run away from, so I just have to keep working till I put a stamp and let them know this is me; till everybody knows Skales and Wizkid separately.
What happened between you and EME?:

My contract expired and we both agreed that we would go our separate ways. I decided I wanted to be on my own, do my music and take my own decision. Nothing happened; people are just speculating and spreading rumours. We did not fight. Right now, I am working on my album, rebranding and taking Skales to the next level.
When you say you are rebranding, does it involve you being a part of Timaya’s record label?

Timaya is my buddy; we are always together. He is like my mentor, I take advice from him and I call him my big daddy. He is a very close friend of mine, we are always together and people would always speculate that I moved into his house. It is because we are close and together all the time. That is why people came up with the insinuation that I moved into his house. It is just all about music between me and him; music and friendship.
Did you move into Timaya’s house?:

No, I did not move into his house. We are friends and he has a studio in his house. I do a lot of recordings there. People would always talk.
Would you be signed to his record label?:

We do not know for now but like I said, I am working on just Skales, I am focused on just Skales and taking the brand to the next level. We do a lot of music together because we are always together.