EXPOSED: SEE How Iyanya Fooled and Disgraced Himself!

For sometime now, Iyanya has been struggling to stay relevant in the music industry as he has failed to come up with another hit song since the release of his last album. And, as a musician, once your songs are not one of the top songs on the airwaves, the clubs and social media, then you are going down. Simple!
So, in a desperate bid to revive his dwindling career, Iyanya announcing on February 6th that he has bagged a mouth-watering deal as brand ambassador for Lenovo, a technology company.
But latest findings have shown that Iyanya lied and this company do not even know him at all…

The Kukere Master posted a photo of himself carrying a Lenovo ‘Yoga Tablet’ on Instagram with a caption: “New Product !!! New Ambassador !!! Brand Ambassador !!!! Lenovo !!!! Iyanya !!!! Task Direct 2014 Started #triplemg.”

Funny enough, Iyanya’s manager even confirmed the big lie by claiming that they got  about N150M from the deal. In the words of Ubi Franklin: “It’s true, it cost about N150 to N170 million and the duration is for 24 months.”

Iyanya got what he wanted as many people praised him on the social media and congratulated him.

But NET called the company, Lenovo, and they say Iyanya is on his own, they don’t even know who he is.
“I can’t really say on that. I don’t know anything; I don’t know who he is. Honestly I don’t know anything, maybe you should call him and ask him yourself”, Lenovo rep in Nigeria, Mr. Olumide said.

Another source in MMMG also told NET that Iyanya is just lying for cheap popularity:

“There’s no signing, Iyanya is just trying to bounce some hype around and get some mentions online, which he did”, he said.

What is wrong with Iyanya? He should get to the studio and pray he comes out with a hit, instead of lying!

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